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  BRENT IBS Lower School is full of active,healthy, curious, engaged and happy kindergartners through 4TH graders.

  Whats new -stories and articles of interest regarding Lower School activities atBRENT IBS.

   The children in grades K- 4 go on many fieldtrips during the school year. These excursions might include visitsto a museum, concert, play, park, tide pool or fire station. Activities atschool may include a puppet show, musical offering, athletic demonstration orcultural presentation. Depending on the grade level, students may elect to takeafter-school lessons in art, swimming, tennis, dance, piano or strings. BRENTIBS  is able to sponsor a Brownie troup and a Cub Scout pack.

  Every grade level is involved in a major program: Kindergarten –hawaiandance ; Grade 1 - fairy tale unit and play; Grade 2 - celebration of families;Grade 3 - Values and Character; Grade 4 - Big Island trip; Grade 5 - AmericanHeritage; Grade 6 - Medieval Faire.