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Welcome to the BRENT IBS Bookstore website.

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    • Monday thru Friday      7:00 am - 3:30 pm
    • Saturday & Sunday      Closed
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    This year we’ve updated our books to newer editions or are no longer using the following at Brent IBS. So instead of tossing your textbooks into the trash bin or taking up space in your room, bring them to the bookstore and we’ll donate it to a school. Thank you for your help!

·        Textbooks

Due to overwhelming parent demand, the Bookstore has released the textbooklist which is available online and at the Bookstore.  While every efforthas been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, occasional changes in the title,edition and/or price may occur.  BRENT IBS will not be responsible for anyerrors printed on this list.        


  • Textbook Buyback Frequently Asked Questions

          Q: How do I sell my books back?
          A: We buyback books starting on Monday, June1, 2010 until we fulfill our needed requirement.

          Q: What's in it for me if I sell my books back?
          A: Instant cash is yours if your books are in good re-saleable condition.

          Q: How much do I get?
          A: Our buyback pricing is based on whether the book will be used the following year and the demand. We start paying you 40% of the selling price if the book is in very good condition.

           Q: What books do we buyback?
           A: In the middle of May, we will post a list of books that we will be buying back.

BRENT IBS Wear & Gifts
     BRENT IBS logo apparel and gift items areavailable for purchase at the bookstore or they can be ordered online .

Store Return Policies

  • TextBook Return Policy:


    1. Save Your Receipt:
      Cash register receipts ABSOLUTELY required for a refund. Books may only be returned within seven (7) days of purchase.


    1. Do Not Mark Books:
      Both new and used textbooks are returnable. New textbooks must be returned in mint condition (e.g. no highlighting, handwriting, tears, or other marks on covers or pages).  Wrapped textbooks or bundles are not eligible for return if opened.


·        Non-TextbookReturn Policy:

Allitems are eligible for return within 30 days of purchase with a receipt. Itemsreturned after 30 days or items returned without a receipt are not eligible forreturn.  No returns for items on sale.

Itemsmust be returned in original condition with original tags or wrapping intact.Items returned without original wrappings or tags, or items that have been usedor washed prior to return, will not be accepted for return

Itemsreceived as gifts without a receipt may be eligible for exchange. Items must bereturned in original condition with original tags or wrapping intact, and mustbe returned within 30 days. These items will only be accepted as an exchangefor another item.