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Grade 7 Art Sequence focuses on two-and three-dimensional drawing and painting in ink, watercolor and acrylics, and sculpture in wood and metal. Through excursions, films, discussion, and written assignments, students broaden their concept of art as a universal form of communication and a source of life-long pleasure.

Grade 9 Art Sequence  focuses on one of these areas: fiber arts, painting/drawing, and photography. During a nine week period students learn about the materials, tools and concepts necessary to develop their skills. They are invited to continue their studies in elective courses within the Art department.

Mixed Media is a course that offers students an opportunity to explore a variety of mediums, such as fiber arts, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, drawing and painting. It emphasizes conceptual development, art fundamentals and craftsmanship.

Beginning Photography students acquire a working knowledge of camera operation, film development, and printmaking in black and white. They learn composition, content, and visual awareness, with hands-on assignments.

Advanced Photography students create photographic color images using film, cameras and computer image
manipulation programs. They develop skills in the production of groups of related photographs.

Ceramics allows students to experiment with a three-dimensional plastic medium to develop an awareness of fine functional form, a knowledge of ceramic techniques, and an aesthetic understanding of excellence in design and craftsmanship. Handbuilding and wheelthrowing are emphasized.

Drawing is a class specifically designed to teach the technique of drawing to the beginner and to enhance the skills of those can already draw. Students will participate in a series of exercises which build the foundations of drawing and seeing as an artist sees. The premise is that anyone can learn to draw and draw well. The class is open to grades eight (teacher recommendation required for this grade) through twelve. A year of drawing is a prerequisite for painting and AP studio art.

Design 3-D helps students abstract a two-dimensional design from a three-dimensional form and then reconstruct the form in a new material such as wood, fabric, metal, cardboard or fiberglass.

Painting is for students with drawing class experience or by permission of teacher. They learn to use wet media such as acrylic paints, watercolor, inks and oils, and explore other two-dimensional areas such as printmaking and collage. Students focus on the fundamentals of creating good paintings and develop their technical skills and individual artistic vision. This class is a prerequisite for AP Studio Art.

AP Studio Art is for the serious and mature art student. Prerequisites are drawing, painting and sculpture or by permission or recommendation of an art teacher. Successful completion of the AP portfolio results in an artistically well rounded student who will be ready to participate in college level art courses as well as earn college credit. Students have their own studio area which is open to them any time of the class day as well as before and after school. Open to juniors and seniors.