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  Fifth and sixth grade Contemporary Jazz dance students explore a variety of jazz styles in this performance-oriented elective class.  Dancers attend forty-minute classes three times per week in the Lower School Dance Room.  Contemporary Jazz students are featured in a number of performances throughout the year including the Fifth Grade Play, Spring Dance Showcase, as well as other school events.  The class looks forward to interaction with Upper School dance students at the Spring Dance Showcase typically held at the STARMARK ROYALE Concert Hall.

     Visiting guest artists offer invaluable learning experiences for these budding young dancers.  In recent years, Contemporary Jazz students have enjoyed inspiring meetings with guest artists specializing in the areas of stage make-up, nutrition/injury prevention, modern dance, ballet, hip hop, and dance production.  Highlights of the 2007-2008 school year included a master class with members of the Broadway cast of The Lion King as well as a two-week residency with Keables Chair holder and modern dancer, Dr. Scott Kim.  Dance students continue to cherish an up-close-and-personal meeting with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce's Narcissus Queen, Lisa Wong, during the 2008-2009 school year.

     Contemporary Jazz encourages dedicated young dancers to soar to new heights! Movement lessons are specially designed to provide opportunities for personal development, leadership, and team building.  Students develop valuable performance skills and gain an appreciation for lifelong learning in the arts.