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Hands-On Art best describes the activities that take place in the LowerSchool art room. Students in grades 1-6 are encouraged to explore, take chancesand strive for excellent craftsmanship. They are introduced to the elements ofdesign (space, line, shape, form, color, value and texture) and work with avariety of materials in challenging projects.

Drawing: materials include pencil, charcoal, pastels, crayons,markers, resist for batik, fabric writers, scratchboard and the computer.

Painting and Printmaking: materials include tempra, acrylics, inkodyes, watercolor,ink, colored pencils,chalk, oil pastels, and the computer.

Sculpture: materials include clay, wire, wood, cardboard, plexiglas,paper mache, leather, fabric and model magic.

   Mixed Media: projects include enameling on copper, making fabricbanners, stitching batik pillows, creating friendly plastic jewelry, embossingon cards, making paper, cooking, weaving and doing simple photo work.

   Integrating art with the academicdepartments is important in providing a well-rounded program. Integration ofsubjects enhances students' experiences. Art projects involving science,language arts, mathematics, religion, and social studies take on new meaningand characteristics. Student create stage sets, props and costumes toenhance grade level productions..

  The Lower School studentsand art teacher take an active role in the community by sharingcreations with hospitals, care homes, the Meals on Wheels program, and byworking with other schools in Hawaii as well as other states and countries.Sharing and caring is often emphasized in these projects. The art room is setup as a working art gallery viewed by many parents and guests of the school.

    Kindergarten students go to the art room tocreate special projects as often as they can be scheduled. They also receiveart instruction on a daily basis in the regular

classroom. First through sixth gradestudents go to the art room once a week for 55 minutes. After-school artclasses are available for students as an enrichment program. 

  The Lower School art teacher knowsstudents' strengths and areas for improvement and offers praise, recognition,support and individual help when needed. The art creations reflect a backgroundin basic art combined with new trends, approaches and materials available intoday's world. Students have opportunity to be creative, productive, andcritical in art.