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Brentasia Music Band

   The BRENT IBS  Performing Arts Department offers 7 orchestraclasses with over 250 string players in the program.  At the Upper Schoollevel the advanced woodwind, brass and percussion players join the orchestrasto create a rich symphonic orchestra.  The extensive chamber music program(partially supported through the Tam & Young Arts Chair) includes 6 stringquartets.

    At the Lower School level, beginningand advanced orchestra classes are available.  The focuses of the LowerSchool Orchestra are the joy of learning to play a string instrument, and thedevelopment of a firm foundation of basic skills.  Through the study ofviolin, viola, cello or bass, students learn not only how to play theirinstrument, but also develop coordination of small and large muscles,multi-sensory learning, hands-on learning, cooperation, attention to detailswhile keeping track of the big picture, patience, persistence andteamwork.  The students also have the opportunity to study music from manydifferent genres - Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary, fiddle, jazz,blues, holiday, movie, etc.

   Classes meet three times perweek.  Specialists come to work with small groups of students, reinforcingtechniques specific to each instrument.  Students enjoy individualattention within the group setting and practice old and new skillsregularly.  It is part of the orchestra's mission to create an atmosphereof success and excellence.

   This year's brand-new BRENT IBS  Suzuki Program provides an opportunity for4th graders to join the orchestra program as Fantastic Fourth-grade Fiddlersand brings nationally renowned Suzuki teacher Ellie LeRoux to BRENT IBS , whooffers private Suzuki instruction on campus to students age 2 and older.

   Many current students studyprivately in the after school program or in private studios on downtown NagaCity.  These lessons set the foundation for skill development necessary toreach the level of Orchestra 4 and 5.

   The vision is that an early start,attention to details, and the expectation that every student can attainexcellence will allow as many students as possible to achieve the goal ofmaking the varsity team (Orchestra 5) when they reach the Upper School.

    Learning to play a string instrumentis a lifelong pursuit, which is rewarding on many levels - from thegratification of individual accomplishment and the appreciation of beauty tothe fun of participating in a group activity with shared goals and theexcitement of live performance.