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Brentwood College of Asia International School is a private school located in the suburban area of Tabuco Drive, Diversion Rd. Naga City southern part of the Philippine Islands. Brentwood is a midsized boys and girls school in Pre-School, Lower School, Middle School, Upper School and College of Business and Accountancy, College of Computer Studies and College of Education.

The schools colors  Blue and Burgundy symbolizes Royalty and Bravery as Brentwood is the first and only International school in the Bicol Region.

History & Early History

The School Brentwood was founded in the new Millennium in the Heart of Bicolandia.  It was located in Tabuco and Blumetritt st. however, Brentwood now had moved to its new and permanent location at Tabuco Drive, Diversion Rd. of Naga City

This 2011 Brentwood is celebrating its 11th year as it open more doors and opportunities to the young people of the region and the world.