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            Brentwood College of Asia International School, in a Christian ecumenical environment in the Philippines,is committed to transcend individual student as responsible and competitiveglobal citizen, pillar and leader in his respective community, with amulticultural and international perspective, and equipped for entry to collegesand universities and various institution throughout the world.



Philippines needs young people whoknow how to learn, as well as how to listen, to speak, to read, to write, andto compute. Philippines needs young people with strong interpersonal skills,the ability to contribute to economic productivity and social progress andjustice. Philippines needs young people, who can acquire, analyze and applyinformation, so as to think creatively and solve problems.

            Asworkers, parents, citizens and members of the next generations, they shouldknow how to question, to invent, to anticipate, and to dream.

            We,at Brentwood Community should work every day to help youngpeople do these things, so that they can move, at last, beyond us, eachprepared to make a living, make a life, and make a difference.