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   BRENTWOOD IBS  Special Programs list ofcourses includes athletics, the arts, technology and otheractivities available to students after the regular school day.  Studentsmay sign up for a semester or the entire school year.

    From Art classes to Driver's Education, from Swimming to Dance, fromPSAT/SAT I Prep to Animation, Brentwood IBS  Special Programs offer studentsmany opportunities to enhance their regular curriculum and pursue theirinterests. This year, the Brentasia Dance Troupe and Brentasia Music Bandtogether with the Theater Arts  will showcase their talents in a  aSpring dance production at Brentwood IBS. Read more about how your child canparticipate in this musical extravaganza.

     To ensure a safe, secure environment, kindergarten and first grade studentsare escorted to activities whenever possible. 

     For all details, including registration, courses, and payment, pleaseconsult the catalog.

    Youmay view the 2010-11 Special Programs catalog starting July 29.Online registration opens on August 2, 2010.


Contacting the Special Programs Office:

Director of Special Programs

Brentwood IBS
Tabuco, Diversion Road
Southernpart of Philippine Island

NagaCity, Philippines


Phone:    (054) 472 6345