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     Applications are available for students entering preparatory and first grades , 7 grade and college levels.  Occasionally, new students enter in all levels. 

Grade Level


Deadline to Apply



April 30

1st  Grade


April 30

7th Grade


April 30

8th Grade


April 30


Apply Online                      

                                    ~ OR ~

Apply through the mail:

  • If you prefer receiving an application by mail, you can call us at (054) 472 6345 or you can download and print the application packet.


  • Complete the application and mail it with the appropriate documentation and the $6.00 application fee to:

              Brentwood IBS
              Office of Admission
              Tabuco, Diversion Rd, Southern part of Philippine Island
              Naga City, Philippines



Kindergarten candidates test twice at Brentwood IBS.  As soon as we receive your child's completed application, we schedule him/her for testing.

Candidates for grades 7 – 10  take the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT).  College Levels  candidates submit College Entrance Test scores.  We schedule all  Naga City and nearby towns residents for a campus activity session or interview on a Saturday morning.


If you meet all the deadlines, you can expect to receive a decision letter from us according to the following timetable:

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you have questions about the admission process.