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   Thank you for considering Brentwood IBS. Here are step-by-step instructions for completing the applicationprocess.  You may wish to review the application checklist as youproceed, and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Age Requirements

  • Boys must turn five between June 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011.
  • Girls must turn five between September 1, 2010 and September 30, 2011.

Apply by March 30

Apply online.                      

                                   ~ OR ~

Apply through the mail:

·      If you prefer receiving an application packet by mail, youcan call us at (054) 4726345, or you can download andprint the application packet.


  • Complete the application and mail it with the $6.00 application fee to:

             BRENT  IBSl
              Office of Admission
              Tabuco, Diversion Rd, Southern Part of Philippine Islands
              Naga City, Philippines

Birth Certificate or Passport

   A copy of your child's legal birthcertificate or passport is required with his/her Preparatory application.  If you submit a paper application, include the birthcertificate/passport with the application.   If you apply online, scan andemail it to us at


   If you submit a paper application,include a photo with the application.   If you apply online, you canupload a photo to your application or you can mail it to us later.   Justbe sure to print your child's name and grade applying to on the photo.


All pre school candidates test twiceat Brent IBS.  As soon as we receive your child's completed application,we schedule him/her for testing. 

Individual aptitude testing beginsin March.  Each child attends a weekday morning session in the Office ofAdmission.  It lasts approximately one hour.  Candidates return for aSaturday group readiness session in April and May.  Children meet in groups of 12 for 90 minutesand participate in classroom readiness activities.    

Foreign Students candidates shouldcontact our office at (808) 943-2222 so that we can arrange to have both testsadministered within a two-day period.  

Report Cards or Progress Report

If your child's school issues areport card or progress report, please make sure that we receive a copy.

Recommendation Form for Teachers

   Download the form listed below oruse the one mailed to you in your application packet.  Read the directionscarefully.  Complete and sign the release statement, and ask the teacherto return the completed forms directly to us between March 1 and April 29.

    Provide the teacher with a stampedenvelope addressed to:

  •          BRENT  IBSl
              Office of Admission
              Tabuco, Diversion Rd, Southern Part of Philippine Islands
              Naga City, Philippines


    If you meet all the deadlines, youcan expect to receive a decision letter no later than April 30.  Ifoffered admission, you have until May 10, the HAIS Common Reply Date, torespond to our offer.