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Student Council Organization 2010

                          President: Maricel Alangcao
                                    Internal:Mark Recto
                                    External:Hasserl Pielago
                                Secretary:Joyce Custodio
                                Treasurer:Sally Mel Regidor
                                Auditor:Mary Rose Tuyay
                                P.I.O: Jocelyn Valdez
                                          1. Kenny Rose Belmonte
                                          2. Anthony Solomon
                               Peace Officers:
                                         1. Gretchen Agliones
                                         2. Noel Villarin Jr.
                               Muse: Janet Camaing
                               Escort: Arbie Dela Trinidad
                First Year Representative:
                         1. Ma. Isabel Abila
                         2. Niño Bejo
                Second Year Representative:
                         Maricris Alangcao
                Third Year Representative:
                 Fourth Year Representative:
                          Melchor Garduque




            First I would like to express mygratitude for I had given the opportunity of addressing you through this site.This is my last opportunity to speak to you as your SCO President. Few daysform now, after two years of service to the organization, I shall lay down theresponsibilities of office as the authority of Presidency is vested in mysuccessor, President-elect Alangcao.

            Today, I come to you with themessage of leave-taking and farewell, and to share a few final thoughts withyou, my dear Brentins.

            I am profoundly grateful to you fortwice giving me the honor to serve you as Student Council officer. And of thattwo years of service, I cannot say that it has been free from errors. I amsorry for what I haven’t done as your President. But I have the consolation ofknowing that though mistakes have been committed, you find some things worthyout of my Presidency.

            In all the work I have done asPresident--every decision I have made, every executive action I have taken, Iam grateful to all my officers, Department Presidents, and to all of those whohad served with me for the last school year.

            And for those who believed on mycapabilities, for those who talked to me, full of encouragement for me to runagain as President, I am sorry for I didn’t granted your wish. But have noworry, for even if my days as President are nearly through, my days of service,I hope are not.

            As an ordinary student, I shallnever cease to do what little I can, to help our beloved organization andschool to advance along the road to success.

            Being about to retire finally fromPresidency, I beg leave to offer you my grateful thanks for the many proofs ofkindness and confidence which I have received at your hands.

            In days ahead, I may never hold aposition in our student government, higher than that of the Student CouncilPresident. But I will always be honored and proud to carry a title that meansmore to me than any other: that of being a Brentin, a student of BrentwoodInternational School.

            It has been privilege of a lifetimeto serve as your President.

            Thank you and God bless us all.